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What’s new in 1Feed v1.1

Hi 1Feed users! I hope this update finds you well. The previous update before this was the big 1.0 release at the end of March. I intended to ship updates each month, ...

What’s new in 1Feed v1.0

Hey everyone — this is the big v1.0 release!! I’m happy to say that 1Feed has gotten to a stage where I feel like it’s fully ready for the public.

10 Practical Things You Can Do to Break Your Twitter Addiction

Find yourself spending too much time on Twitter? You’re not alone. Twitter is designed to keep you hooked.

What’s new in 1Feed v0.4.0

I’ve spent the last month hard at work improving 1Feed. Learn what’s new in these release notes!

What’s new in 1Feed v0.3.0

Hey everyone!! This is a really exciting 1Feed release, bringing two big changes — Twitter support and public sign-up!

What’s new in 1Feed v0.2.2

I know I said that v0.2.1 would be the final release before public sign-up, but I’ve snuck one more tiny release in! It’s pretty small, but you can read what’s new below.

What’s new in 1Feed v0.2.1

1Feed v0.2.1 is a fairly minor release, mainly bringing some improvements to the onboarding process (the screen that you see after signing up).

What’s new in 1Feed v0.2.0

This release is the culmination of 3 months of work, so there’s lots of new stuff to introduce today! Here’s a summary of the new features in this post:

What’s new in 1Feed v0.1.15

Today’s 1Feed release comes with a lot of exciting updates! Keep on reading to see what’s new :)

Welcome to the 1Feed blog!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first post on the 1Feed blog! From now on, I’ll be posting the most exciting changes that come with every release here.