Product Hunt #2 Product of the Week

The internet is noisy. 1Feed isn’t.

1Feed is your quiet place on the internet, where you can focus on the people and content you care about.

“1Feed has completely changed the way I consume content. From endless hours scrolling to just a couple of minutes every day.” Fermin reviewing OneFeed Fermin, Product Analyst at Mercado Pago
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What is 1Feed?

1Feed is designed to replace the part of your day when you open a website or app to see “what’s up”. This could be Apple/Google News, Twitter, or something else.

1Feed is a calm alternative that allows you to answer the question “what’s up” faster than ever before, without the addictive tactics of platforms that make money from your attention.

On 1Feed, you only ever see content from sources that you explicitly added, and sources are shown in chronological order — no algorithms.

To see 1Feed in action, check out the demo video.

What does 1Feed do?

On a basic level, 1Feed shows you the latest posts from sites and profiles that you add to your 1Feed account.

You can add Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, and any site with an RSS/Atom feed (most blogs and news sites have these). Simply enter any URL!

On a more conceptual level, 1Feed is a tool to help you build healthier digital content consumption habits.

It’s not going to magically do that for you — you need to put in work yourself — but 1Feed is there so you can make the transition without missing out on the content you truly care about.

Is 1Feed right for me?

1Feed is an opinionated experience, so it may not be for everyone. If you’re on the fence, encourage you to give 1Feed a try! Here are a few points to help you:

  • 1Feed only shows things you’ve explicitly added, it doesn’t suggest content to you. 1Feed is best for people who already know which content sources are important to them.

  • 1Feed is for people wanting to spend less time on content consumption, not more time. 1Feed is a content consumption app for people who want to reduce content consumption. Consequently, efficiency is baked into 1Feed’s design.

  • 1Feed is designed to be a calm place, not a cramped dashboard. 1Feed could fill every single pixel of your screen with tiny text, but it doesn’t. Because seeing lots of information isn’t helpful if it’s a pain to read.

Why isn’t 1Feed available on the App Store/Play Store?

1Feed is a mobile app. It’s been designed with mobile support right from the start, from the layout to the swipe gesture controls.

However, 1Feed doesn’t participate in Apple and Google’s closed ecosytem that is hostile to both developers and users.

Both app stores require developers to pay 30% of their revenue to Apple/Google. This not only impacts us, but it also impacts you as the user — you’re paying 42% more than you would be otherwise.

For these reasons, 1Feed is only available as a web app. However, if you add 1Feed to your home screen, it will function the same as if you’d downloaded it from your phone’s app store!

We were interviewed about this in Fast Company!

What are some alternatives to 1Feed?

I’m not here to mess around, if you don’t like 1Feed then one of these alternate services might help you!

  • Fraidycat is good for desktop users who like a more dense view and a more unique vibe

  • Mailbrew is good for users who prefer static ‘digests’ rather than a feed they can dip into at any time

  • Feedly is a more ‘classic’ RSS reader that shows you a feed of posts rather than a feed of people/sites

How much does 1Feed cost?

The core features of 1Feed are completely free to use. Because you shouldn’t have to pay to consume content in a better way. These features are more than enough to help you build healthier digital habits!

1Feed does have a Premium plan to keep 1Feed sustainable and away from the harmful business models of Google, Facebook etc.

It gives you extra features such as a beautiful dark mode, allows you to create unlimited folders, and see up to 20 historical posts for each item in your 1Feed.

This plan costs $3.75/month billed annually, or $4.99/month billed monthly.