What’s new in 1Feed v1.0

Hey everyone — this is the big v1.0 release!! I’m happy to say that 1Feed has gotten to a stage where I feel like it’s fully ready for the public.

Obviously there are lots of features left to add, and lots of things to improve, but I feel like this is a good point to call it v1.0.

Now, as for what’s new — you’ll have to excuse me, I wanted to get this release out as quickly as possible, so I haven’t written the full big feature announcement post I usually do! I’ll write one in a few days once I’m sure everything’s gone out smoothly — so check back here in a few days for a full post!

In the meantime, here’s a really quick summary of some things that have changed:

There’s lots more detail to go into, but that’s it for now — check back in a few days!

And if you’re curious what all the full-changelog hype is about, you can read through my previous 1Feed changelogs 😛